Saturday, January 3, 2009

Split board action!!

Split my snowboard in half couple of days ago and tried it out last night up at Sunlight, pretty fun. Here's 10 reasons to cut your board and add a split kit to it
1. Don't have to carry your board on your back.
2. Don't have to carry your snowshoes on your back.
3. Splitboards are faster uphill.
4. You don't get snow down your back when your board hit a branch full of snow.
5. You get some climbing bars for the uphill.
6. Faster uphill means more laps for the day.
7. It's a conversation starter, no matter where you are with your new splitboard.
8. You can now "hang" with your tele whackin' friends (good or bad, you decide)
9. It's so damn fun do you need any more reasons!!
10. It's so damn fun do you need any more reasons!!


Slappy said...

bring a magnifying glass, HONk

Dano said...

Binion you are one step closer to seeing the light and quitting your knuckle dragging ways. Sorry I missed you guys while in town.

Anonymous said...

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