Thursday, November 19, 2009

Donald loves the MB-1!!

Donald Duck's holding a grip for us?? uuuuh! or something!?
Nitto stem is nice and it has the cable stop on the bottom that i needed for the rigid fork swap!! niRad

Bridgestone MB-1, Rigid Again!!

Finally, after two or so years of this poor thing hangin' out in the warehouse next to all those other bikes, this fabulous MB-1 gets back to it's roots. I've been looking for the right fork for this thing for way too long and thought I'd found it when I spotted an actual Bridgestone rigid fork in our "fork bin", but low and behold it was not meant to be as the crown race on the fork measured 26.4 and the incredibly cool Mavic headset needed a 27.0!! Ugh! Anyway, found this Tange in the pile and after cutting 1/2" or so of new threads and trimming the steerer tube the same I had a winner. With the addition of the Nitto stem and Scott bars this thing is ready to ride!! Saaweet!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ze Whitest of Rims!!!@#$@%

So the day started with a small climb up Mineral Bottom and a nice mellow dirt road section, of course Max was up to somethin' already as he's trying to get ol Scotty2 ta slip a bit or somethin'!
Couldn't get Getty to stop smiling the entire day!!
Scotty2 trying a new stretching technique.
The views all day were incredible, even when you were laying down on the slickrock.
Scotty and his 36er were rollin strong!!
I bet this guy could tell ya some stories!!
Canyonlands is outta this world!!
The Weather held out for us almost all day, until we hit Hardscrabble!
And then it turned on us for the last 10 or so miles and we were soaking wet when we got back to camp but the beer and burgers on the grill made it all better again
Hard to explain how good it was to be back at camp, look at that smile!! We snuck this one out huh fellas!!
This is what we looked like this morn when we woke up. Pretty sweet huh

Any ideas what this is? Man I love my singlespeed!! niRAD

Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Stuff!!

Identiti Dr. Jekyll 13" frame $300

Gary Fisher Sugar 29er 16" frame $150

GT Roadie frame 56cm $100

Fixie wheelset in white was $200 now only $119

Fixie wheelset in pink!! was $325 now $200
Call me if'n ya have any ?'s niRAD

Lots of stuff on SALE!!!!

This sweet stars and stripes set was $325 now only $200!!

Was $200 now only $119

Was $249 now only $139
Was $200 now $119
Was $249 now $139
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