Saturday, January 17, 2009

Darin gets new xtracycle frame

This is the culprit of the recent change, another crack above the fixed area from a few months ago, thanks to Cody Hegland of the first fix, time to retire it for now.

This is what it looks like now with the newer Trek 8000 frame, graciously donated by Jeff Vichik. First built up by Sir Max and S. Novy, hence all the great paint and stuff this frame has been hangin in our warehouse for a while now after Steve built up his Big Dummy and no longer needed the frame. So far it rides way better than the old frame which was a '92 Stumpy and had more relaxed head angle. Anyway the Trek is gonna chew up the race course at this years 18 Hours of Fruita, which we will again race these things for 18 hours starting at Midnight and commencing at 6 pm the next day.

Last pic is of the old setup and its last day as a running machine, R.I.P.


John Garrish said...

hi there -- do i have a picture of your xtracycle on the gallery?

if not may i post one?

thanks in advance,

binion25 said...

sup bro sorry to here about ol stumpy it gave you lots of good rides and lots of fun. my condolences. Dick Bininya