Saturday, August 21, 2010

Key Riding Techniques!!

Next time you go out for a ride with Getty make sure to stay far far away from him when he's picking up keys. He has a special technique, you should see him try to put this thing in his lock, while riding!!

New T-Shirts are in!!

Check out the new T-Shirt design that just arrived yesterday!!! Come in and get one before they're gone. niRAD

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dreams do come true at The Gear X!!

Diesel Dan came in with his new Heron frame and fork and needed to find a couple of parts to start the build on his new steed. Well after a few hours of cruising the parts bins, etc. he had a complete bike to ride home, sick!! Now I cannot tell you haw many times that I have attempted this task of building a bike from the ground up, with parts that are just hanging around here in the shop, and failed. Most of the time I have to order one thing or another just because of the certain specs of each bike, but this time everything worked, amazing!! Here's a couple of pics of Dan and his bike and the most incredible headbadge leading the way. Have fun out there Diesel buddy I know you will!! niRAD