Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pie Plates, SSWC09, Leadville 100

Anyone have any pie plates sitting around we want them, they're fun for all kinds of reasons, eating pie :) pie plate disc golf, protective gear required! Anyway, I'm on the start list for SSWC09 (Single Speed Championships - Durango, CO) next September 16-20, with the race on the 19th. Should be one hell of a good time, as I know those Durango boys and girls will not dissapoint us beer drinking single speeders. Soon I will find out if I made the cut for Leadville 100 on August 15, 2009, of course on a single speed mtb. niRAD


Slappy said...

HEckk YEah Nirad, just keep 'er cool at the ledville 100, , head up, bar ends out sweeeet thanks for sendin' the raleigh see you in DUHrangO! slppy

Anonymous said...

I'm doing Leadville 100 mtb for the first time. On a ss. Can anyone give me the typical gearing used?? Thanks
NJ Bob