Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Suckin' em down. . . "I need to put moore tensioon on this before you go too far. . " Devon, ladies and gents, just so you know, is an impassioned wheel builder and mechanic. ANd just B/C he's So DArn Cute, he was given, and took, the opportunity to get all ffR$Reaky on some wheels today. The Rear 700c 36 h coaster brake hub spaced to 130 for an old steel VINI 57 road frame, got so twisted thanks to moi, SLappy, that the tensioning and dishing and so forth would inevitably come to naught, just cuz it's so f'ed up. . BUt no matter, Devon got after it, bringing the 2.0 dt spokes in their crazed twisted state, up to about a million dvonLBS of tension. . (as yet unquantifiable Devon specific spoke tension gradation scheme..) ANd then he lobbyed for the front wheel to proceed, with a little research , Done and Done! Crow's foot lacing is in fact, the best ider eva and he built that crow's ft front wheel on a wood colored velocity rim and dimension ft. hub, with the super secret 32h crow pattern w/ silver and black spokes all 2.0. RRRrRrRRRRAAAHH . . so it's pretty cool i guess, Hay! you wanna give some money for the spoke cutter fund? SCHweeet, call 945 8500

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

for oh july

Stompaz will depart the Gear Xchange
via bicicleta @ 8 am on Firday July 4th
Bonedale Stompaz will be collected at 9
En ROute to INDEPEndENCE PASS, all otherz
R advised to ride downvalley until U interrcept

Upon Arrival Atop INdependence Pass
Guns and Roses will continue 2 ROCK
and The SHUTTle! Shall provide us with all
that is Holy for ‘MErica
Hot Dogz, Beer, Rollerblades,
Frisbeez, Shovelz, SNowboards
And BABEZ!!!

Shuttle Service will Exist for All, availabel for loading at the GEar X around 8 and IN Bonedale @ 9-
Things 2 Bring - Steakz, BEeerz, SNowboard stuff for building a kicker, ANd HITTIN IT!,
Rollerbladez, A Lawn Chair,
Sunscreen, a helmet YEr MOm, Blue Jeans

Monday, June 23, 2008

yer unkle my bossss

AND the most truest doctor i ever did liken to know. . a one drrrrn BINion, , a hell of pal, pretty much everything you could ever want in a ridden pardner, , yup 140 fer me this last day er so, darren got and easy 33.33 on that. . sheeeeesh thnx , , slapy

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

and just look

what you'll get on friday? mtb ride, ss be damned, but Single speederz' beer will be conveyed for them by those with gears.. so that's nice. 7 at bradz friday eve, , mud puppy dirt crit just be there OK xoxoxslappy


so this is carbondale riden' this friday, but with a built in hour past gear x closin' time for those who might ride up or whatev'. . . seeeeya slappy

Friday, June 6, 2008

More Pics of Gettinger's JET NINER!!!

Here's a few more pictures of Michael Gettinger's super sick ride. Total build came to twenty eight pounds even. That may drop by a few ounces when we fine tune stem height and such. Nirad

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Just about finished with Michael Gettinger's JET Niner, super sick fully suspended 29 er. Here's a few pics to wet your whistle if'n you're interested in something like this let us know. Building bikes is good fun!!! see ya soon, nirad

How 'bout Now?!?!

Maybe Chris King would like to reconsider.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

High End Shop

So... The Gear Exchange was denied by Chris King to become a dealer. They told us that they only want their product in high end shops. Well King, is this high end enough for you???