Thursday, December 31, 2009

Night time turns!!

Here's a short video of my buddy Brad making some turns down Sunlight last night. Go over to the Stomparillaz blog for other videos. niRAD

Friday, December 11, 2009

Earrings are in!!

Well here they are, got a bunch made up and also made up a display outta some other recycled stuff just layin' around the warehouse and NOT goin' to the landfill!! Come and get some for your lady friend for christmas cause they're already flying out the door!! See ya soon. niRAD

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mountain bike fork progression

Here's a few forks from the Gear Ex collection with the exception of the Rock Shox Lyric on the far left its Andrew's!! The White one is my 29er Fox and the rest is a small progression of mountain bike technology over the last twenty years. Cool stuff. niRAD

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Donald loves the MB-1!!

Donald Duck's holding a grip for us?? uuuuh! or something!?
Nitto stem is nice and it has the cable stop on the bottom that i needed for the rigid fork swap!! niRad

Bridgestone MB-1, Rigid Again!!

Finally, after two or so years of this poor thing hangin' out in the warehouse next to all those other bikes, this fabulous MB-1 gets back to it's roots. I've been looking for the right fork for this thing for way too long and thought I'd found it when I spotted an actual Bridgestone rigid fork in our "fork bin", but low and behold it was not meant to be as the crown race on the fork measured 26.4 and the incredibly cool Mavic headset needed a 27.0!! Ugh! Anyway, found this Tange in the pile and after cutting 1/2" or so of new threads and trimming the steerer tube the same I had a winner. With the addition of the Nitto stem and Scott bars this thing is ready to ride!! Saaweet!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ze Whitest of Rims!!!@#$@%

So the day started with a small climb up Mineral Bottom and a nice mellow dirt road section, of course Max was up to somethin' already as he's trying to get ol Scotty2 ta slip a bit or somethin'!
Couldn't get Getty to stop smiling the entire day!!
Scotty2 trying a new stretching technique.
The views all day were incredible, even when you were laying down on the slickrock.
Scotty and his 36er were rollin strong!!
I bet this guy could tell ya some stories!!
Canyonlands is outta this world!!
The Weather held out for us almost all day, until we hit Hardscrabble!
And then it turned on us for the last 10 or so miles and we were soaking wet when we got back to camp but the beer and burgers on the grill made it all better again
Hard to explain how good it was to be back at camp, look at that smile!! We snuck this one out huh fellas!!
This is what we looked like this morn when we woke up. Pretty sweet huh

Any ideas what this is? Man I love my singlespeed!! niRAD

Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Stuff!!

Identiti Dr. Jekyll 13" frame $300

Gary Fisher Sugar 29er 16" frame $150

GT Roadie frame 56cm $100

Fixie wheelset in white was $200 now only $119

Fixie wheelset in pink!! was $325 now $200
Call me if'n ya have any ?'s niRAD

Lots of stuff on SALE!!!!

This sweet stars and stripes set was $325 now only $200!!

Was $200 now only $119

Was $249 now only $139
Was $200 now $119
Was $249 now $139
Stop by the Gear Exchange for many sales going on with lots of new items

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today is the first day of the snow year!! Started snowing last night on my ride home but this morn we were greeted by 2-3" of freshies here in town and I'm sure much more up at Sunny!! Here's what the parking lot looked like not one min after I was done shoveling snow!! see ya soon niRAD

Saturday, October 24, 2009

1992 Schwinn Paramount S.A.S.S.

So this Paramount came in today from our buddy Wade. And after doing some research online I found out that it is the 1st production full suspension mtb to come out on the market. Back in 1992 they made 200 of these puppies and it's purpose was for "downhill mountain bike racing". Guess that was pretty obvious huh!! Anyway just had to share these couple of pics with ya all, cause it's super old school sweetness!! til next time niRAD

Monday, October 19, 2009

24 Hours of Moab!

Well the race season has come to a close and I finished with a first place (1st one all summer!!) The team of Stomparillaz (dave, aaron and michael) won the 24 Hrs. of Moab in the Single/Rigid Open class, claiming our first gold medal. 2006 we got second, 2007 - 3rd and 2008 also 3rd, but we came to win this time and nothing was gonna stand in our way. As always the VIP camping spot we had was marvelous and the people involved with support were great too (thanks R2), I'm kinda sad that it is all over for the year, with all the excitement of racing and the huge ass training rides, racing in Leadville (7th in ss class!) was definitely a highlight for sure. SSWC a few weeks back will probably go down as the most fun you can possibly have while "racing" your bike, with all the beer, whiskey, tequila, bacon and twinkies out on course, I almost forgot I was actually in a race!!
Anyway, heres a couple more shots of us heading up to the podium and standing on the TOP position!! Great work fellas already cannot wait for next years racing season, hopefully I get into Leadville again as I really want that larger belt buckle!! Until next time. niRAD

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well we all had quite a killer weekend out there in Durangoland, SSWC D9 has come and gone, I still cant believe it's over!! It all started Friday morn here with Max cuttin some sweet racing stripes in Will's already sick do!!

We pre rode the course with some other single speeders we picked up along the way. In the grey jersey here is John and he is the main man for next years SSWC in New Zealand. What a super cool cat, just riding along enjoying the scenery and the Stompa company. Good luck with your planning dude!! Hope I can make it there next year, better start saving my pennies huh!!!!

Some people said that the course was unridable!? What you don't like to take your bike for a hike!!?? Any time I go hiking in the woods it's much better to bring your bike, cause the way down is much more enjoyable!!

What a view from the top of Raider Ridge, we had to stop for a while to soak it all in. Some cool dudes from Salida were already there hanging out and enjoying the sweet scenery. At this point we had no idea what Raider Ridge was all about but it sure was a killer view.

Fast forward to the party/Jump Jam on Friday night, it decided to rain but that didn't stop all of us from hanging out in the rain watching these guys kill it!! In the air, in the background is Glenwood local Shawn Schuman (sp?) completely setting the bar much higher than the rest of the fellas. Here he is in the middle of a 360, the only one doing 360's that night!! Way to represent bro!!

They had a foot down comp later that night, and these are the three people left after everyone else already touched the ground. Ya Ya (Stompaz) is in the orange coat, the guy with the black coat/reflective stripes on shoulders is a messenger in Cali and Will (also a stompa) is in the sweet purple and black pimp jacket. Will ended up winning this sweet ass vest made by Doom (
Saturday was an incredible experience, though I don't have any pics of the race, left my camera at Charlies, I did get some more pics of the party at Ska Brewery. With an art show on the second floor and live music/food/basketball outside it was sure to be a killer night. Here's Brad chillin in the hot seat.

Some of the pieces from the art show on display were from of us Stompaz - Rhonda, Max, and Devon all had stuff there, nice rubber work there Rhonda!!

This incredible 36" wheeler made by Black Sheep Bikes was raffled off on Sat night and my buddy Scotty Harris won it!!!!! Siiiiiiiick!! Tear it up buddy! He Was pretty much smiling ear to ear for the rest of the weekend and probably is still smiling, couldn't have happened to a better dude!

Ross gettin' his tattoo work done, first one he has on his body and it represents WORLD CHAMPION!!!! Good job Ross, lightning fast!!!!
Finally after a weekend of parties and bike ridin' we turn to polo (more partying and bike ridin')

Here's the ladies semi-final match, can you believe that it was pouring rain just a couple of hours before this and now bluebird skies and fun in the sun. Well for my first trip ever to the town of Durango, it's gonna be hard to top that experience, but its not gonna stop me from headin back there, the drive from Glenwood is absolutely amazing and the people of Durango are even more amazing. Thanks again to Passion Productions, the people who made this happen, and thanks to Charlie Noone for letting us crash on his floor and use all his toilet paper :) until next time, niRad

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Leadville 100 HD Trailer!!

Check out this link. Pretty cool, Collette Newell on there far right.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Leadville 100!!

So this is me getting ready about 4:30 am, couldn't sleep and wanted to get my bike to the start line by 5:15 or so.

Here I am coming into the first aid station (Pipeline) pretty wet out there and cold.

Fresh off the Columbine Mine climb, here I'm heading back toward Pipeline again. 60 or so miles done 40 or so left.

And back to Pipeline here and starting to overheat thank goodness, i've dried out now and must shed some layers. Eat as much as possible and try to keep my momentum up the Powerline climb.

And somehow after the last 100 or so miles I find enough energy to ride a wheelie across the finish line, YEEHAW!!!!!! 9 Hrs 22 Min 7th outta 57 single speeders and 176th overall outta 1300 or so who started at 6:30 am. Next year maybe I can get a larger belt buckle (for finishing under 9 hours). This is what the buckle looks like if you've never seen one!!!

This pretty much sums it up too, I was worked!!! My crew members Jeremy Wussow and my wife Susie both asked me if I wanted to do it again next year, cause they had many ideas of how they could make it better on their end. I couldn't answer them at the time, too much pain fresh in the brain!! But I've already decided to try it again next year, if I get in!! nirRad