Sunday, May 9, 2010

18 Hours of Fruita - check!

Well I entered into my first ever solo race and came out victorious!! Although the Fishman was not present, there was a good field of competitors. After adding a bit of new singletrack to the course I think they said the laps were now 6.5 miles or so per lap. According to my bike computer I rode 177 miles and had 16 hours and 42 minutes of saddle time, so it was a big 'ol ride!! The Stomparillaz were in full force and representing many bike forms as well as riding with me on a couple of four am laps!! Which was super cool. All in all it was a great weekend of riding bikes!!

thats me in the pink jersey!

Switched to the blue jersey in the morning when the sun finally came up.


baker said...

Nice to meet you over the weekend. Thanks for the the tunes as you passed me throughout the race. :-)

Brad Baker (3rd place guy)

Slappy said...

Wicked STOMPn NiRAD you're RAD