Wednesday, April 14, 2010

White Rim in a Day!!

Well we had our best weather for our annual White Rim in a Day trip yet. Temps were in the mid 70's and dreamy skies, virtually no wind, until the last 25 or so, actually had an incredible tailwind for the last 8 or so. The group of Jamon, Dave, Will, Dan and myself all got up around 4 am for the 5 am start and we were off, up the Mineral Bottom climb 1st across Mineral Bottom Rd then down Schaeffer Trail and back around. Both Will and Jamon were "virgins" to the White Rim and they had quite an incredible day of weather, friends, and wheelies. This is sure to be an annual trip or even bi-annual as Will and I were joking about doing two laps of it maybe in the fall when we are in a bit better shape, 100 miles of fine desert riding ( or 200 if you're up to the challenge!!) Now get out there and ride your bike, or at least some wheelies!! niRAD

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