Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bridgestone MB-1, Rigid Again!!

Finally, after two or so years of this poor thing hangin' out in the warehouse next to all those other bikes, this fabulous MB-1 gets back to it's roots. I've been looking for the right fork for this thing for way too long and thought I'd found it when I spotted an actual Bridgestone rigid fork in our "fork bin", but low and behold it was not meant to be as the crown race on the fork measured 26.4 and the incredibly cool Mavic headset needed a 27.0!! Ugh! Anyway, found this Tange in the pile and after cutting 1/2" or so of new threads and trimming the steerer tube the same I had a winner. With the addition of the Nitto stem and Scott bars this thing is ready to ride!! Saaweet!!

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