Monday, October 19, 2009

24 Hours of Moab!

Well the race season has come to a close and I finished with a first place (1st one all summer!!) The team of Stomparillaz (dave, aaron and michael) won the 24 Hrs. of Moab in the Single/Rigid Open class, claiming our first gold medal. 2006 we got second, 2007 - 3rd and 2008 also 3rd, but we came to win this time and nothing was gonna stand in our way. As always the VIP camping spot we had was marvelous and the people involved with support were great too (thanks R2), I'm kinda sad that it is all over for the year, with all the excitement of racing and the huge ass training rides, racing in Leadville (7th in ss class!) was definitely a highlight for sure. SSWC a few weeks back will probably go down as the most fun you can possibly have while "racing" your bike, with all the beer, whiskey, tequila, bacon and twinkies out on course, I almost forgot I was actually in a race!!
Anyway, heres a couple more shots of us heading up to the podium and standing on the TOP position!! Great work fellas already cannot wait for next years racing season, hopefully I get into Leadville again as I really want that larger belt buckle!! Until next time. niRAD

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