Monday, August 11, 2008

Leadville 100

Had an incredible weekend at the Leadville 100, cheering on my buddy Mike Gettinger. The weather was perfect and with over 1000 entrants signed up it was sure to be an awsome race, oh and that Lance guy was there too. Mike finished in 10 hrs and 10 min, way to kick ass brotha!
He sure was excited for the rest of the evening as I think Judith (Michael's wife and my support crew partner) and I were more tired than he was if you can believe that. Those support crews do work very hard to get all the food, tools, drinks, dogs, chairs, tents, etc, etc, to the aid stations and I will appreciate them very much if I am accepted to the 2009 Leadville 100. I must ride it next year because sitting there watching from the sidelines is very hard, not being able to ride all day long, ugh! After I got back home to Glenwood I decided I needed to climb into the pain cave for a bit so I rode the Bear Cr. Loop (also known as Forrest Hollow) then rode to the cross up Red Mtn. about 3600 vertical on the single speed 29er and I was feeling way better. It wasn't 10 hours but those three hours sure were nice (and painful) to blow off some pent up energy I gathered over the weekend. Until next time:) Nirad

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