Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another nice ride! On my Haro Mary SS.

Well I got out on another nice ride last monday. I started my day at five am or so got up had some breakfast put everything together in my Camelback and about six thirty am or so I took off. I rode out the canyon toward Dotsero (did you know the name Dotsero originated as Dot Zero) took a left and headed up the road toward Coffee Pot Rd. Anyone who has ever driven Coffee Pot Rd. know that the views from this road are amazing, you can see a lot of the surrounding area in only a few switchbacks. I was feeling pretty awesome on the way up and the original intention was to ride down No Name Cr. but when I got to that turn I was not ready to start my descent, so I kept goin. I rode past the turn off from last years ride, when I rode this same ride with gears, I swear it was easier this year, maybe it's the 29 inch wheels. Anyway, I rode past Heart Lake and Bison Lake and was thinking of continuing across for a while longer to descend Cline Top Rd. Impeding weather made me think a bit more about my long trek and so I began the traverse of ten or so miles (much more up and down) to Windy Point and blasted down Transfer Trail. Transfer is not the most fun descent in the world, at times there's some fun jumps and stuff but overall not my favorite. Anyway, after forty five minutes to an hour of descending from Windy Point I was back in town, cool it's 2:15 pm and I just rode approx. 78 miles, climbed around 6000 vertical, an 11 mph avg. speed and 7 hrs and 27 min in the saddle. Kick ass, I feel great so I call up my buddy Tal on the ride back toward home and set up to meet him up at the CMC disc golf course and play a round of 18 holes, you know to "walk off the ride". Well it wasn't my best game but i'm surely addicted to this new sport, ( I shot a 14) not bad for my fifth time ever playin'. Well what a great day off of work, got to play on my bike for hours (did I mention also that Coffee Pot Rd. is awesome for practicing wheelies, I rode some pretty long ones, it helps to break up the climb) and also threw some disc golf. That was my day off of work, what did you do with your day off this week?!

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