Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Suckin' em down. . . "I need to put moore tensioon on this before you go too far. . " Devon, ladies and gents, just so you know, is an impassioned wheel builder and mechanic. ANd just B/C he's So DArn Cute, he was given, and took, the opportunity to get all ffR$Reaky on some wheels today. The Rear 700c 36 h coaster brake hub spaced to 130 for an old steel VINI 57 road frame, got so twisted thanks to moi, SLappy, that the tensioning and dishing and so forth would inevitably come to naught, just cuz it's so f'ed up. . BUt no matter, Devon got after it, bringing the 2.0 dt spokes in their crazed twisted state, up to about a million dvonLBS of tension. . (as yet unquantifiable Devon specific spoke tension gradation scheme..) ANd then he lobbyed for the front wheel to proceed, with a little research , Done and Done! Crow's foot lacing is in fact, the best ider eva and he built that crow's ft front wheel on a wood colored velocity rim and dimension ft. hub, with the super secret 32h crow pattern w/ silver and black spokes all 2.0. RRRrRrRRRRAAAHH . . so it's pretty cool i guess, Hay! you wanna give some money for the spoke cutter fund? SCHweeet, call 945 8500

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