Tuesday, June 24, 2008

for oh july

Stompaz will depart the Gear Xchange
via bicicleta @ 8 am on Firday July 4th
Bonedale Stompaz will be collected at 9
En ROute to INDEPEndENCE PASS, all otherz
R advised to ride downvalley until U interrcept

Upon Arrival Atop INdependence Pass
Guns and Roses will continue 2 ROCK
and The SHUTTle! Shall provide us with all
that is Holy for ‘MErica
Hot Dogz, Beer, Rollerblades,
Frisbeez, Shovelz, SNowboards
And BABEZ!!!

Shuttle Service will Exist for All, availabel for loading at the GEar X around 8 and IN Bonedale @ 9-
Things 2 Bring - Steakz, BEeerz, SNowboard stuff for building a kicker, ANd HITTIN IT!,
Rollerbladez, A Lawn Chair,
Sunscreen, a helmet YEr MOm, Blue Jeans

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