Sunday, April 24, 2011

Xtracycle does it again!!

The Xtracycle never seems to fail me. I got this crazy idea to ride my Xtra from Glenwood up to Aspen Highlands carrying all my splitboard stuff for a nice skin up Highlands after 44 miles in the saddle. Of course a handfull of IPA's at the Glenwood Canyon Brew Pub and I start thinking of ways to spend the day on the bike and to also get a little snowboarding in too! So after gettin' all my stuff packed up by 11 pm the night before I was ready! Planned start time was to leave by 6, well I made it out the door by 6:45am, not bad for still kinda being hungover! After a nice ride up to the Village Smithy and some incredible breakfast I was in for an incredible day!! I didn't get any shots of the party on the final day of Highlands but I will definitely go back up there next year because that place was off the hook!! If you weren't dressed up in some fashion you were definitely in the minority! All in all it was an incredible journey and the last 44 miles downhill back to G'wood was quite wet but well worth it!!

Almost there, Aspen Mt. on the left and Highlands sitting just behind Buttermilk on the right.

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