Tuesday, October 12, 2010

24 Hours of Moab 2010

The VIP camping spot for 24 hours of Moab, you either know about it or you don't, but chances are you probably can't stay here unless you're a Stomparilla or support for a Stompa, well ok there's a few more people that could come but anyway. This camp is one of the main reasons for me wanting so bad to get to 24 Hours of Moab each year. It is a home away from home and I always wish I just had a few more days there every fall.

A view from above the VIP camping spot, we're just about 3/4 mi from the main start area and "tent city".

Well the racing season is officially over now that the 24 Hrs of Moab is done. This years team Stomparillaz (Will Inverso, Michael Hayes, Darin Binion, and Chris Brandt) completed 20 laps (2 more than last years win) in the 24 hrs and emerged victorious!! By a narrow margin of 3 min and 23 seconds over the ever challenging Adobe team (Nick Rico, Kenny Jones, Corey Larrabee, and Rick Sunderlage) from Salt Lake City, the Stompaz overcame failing lights, tacoed wheels, over the bars rib bruising crashes and many other challenges that you will face in a 24 hr race. Finishing 13th overall outta some 350 or so teams we represented this here Roaring Fork Valley along with the likes of 3 other teams also from the Roaring Fork Valley:
- Max Taam and Sari Anderson of the Honey Stinger/Trek Team won the National Title with 10 and 9 laps respectively in the Mixed Duo class, placing them 19th overall out of some 350 teams.
- Joel Mischke, Charlie Eckart, Mike Scanlon, and Jason Lapointe, who won the Master's 35+ division and the National 24 Hr. title, racing for the Basalt Bike and Ski/ESC squad, each completed 5 laps and that win netted them 7th place overall.
- Len Zanni, Kalan Beisel, Ross Schnell, and Jay Henry of the Honey Stinger/Trek Team not only won the National Title they also had the fastest lap (Ross busted out a 57min 51sec lap!!) and the overall win with 22 laps, faster than anyone else at the entire race. Now they're not all Roaring Forkers but Ross is around quite a bit and Jay just lives over a couple of hills, anyway congrats to all who competed this weekend, it was a blast.

Notice Will is the second person to leave the start gate area, nice run bro!!

Michael ready to cook up some rice and beans the night before the race, The Sandbox has the best outdoor kitchen around!!

From the left Brad, Will, Pugz, Chris, Ann and Illa hangin' the night before the race.

Here's Will 'bout to head out on one of his night laps, pretty sure this one was from about 2 am. Ride, shower, eat, sleep, ride, shower, eat, sleep.

The Stomparillaz earned the top spot for a second year in a row, congrats fellas to an absolute epic battle between the strongest two single speed teams to meet up in Moab in a while. Good work out there Adobe/Salt Lake fellas you definitely left us lookin over our shoulder a few more times than we cared and chasing you in others.

We even found some time for gardening while we were out there! Even after 75 miles of racing Michael and Will just had to get the rake out and "clean up" some more room for parking spaces there at VIP. Notice they really are smiling too!! It did look much better after we raked it out.

Every year we stay there we always leave some form of art for the VIP camping/Sandbox as it is called by Judy and Will. This year I constructed a wind chime made out of bike parts, and Will helped me hang it up. Note how "safe" the ladder looks in this position!! Of course I stepped back to take a picture and not hold the ladder, but hey, Will is pretty quick on his toes and would probably land on his feet regardless.

Our trusty steeds just hanging out while we're up on the podium, ready to go at a moments notice.

For more info about 24 Hours of Moab 2010 results look here:

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