Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flattops Loop 109 miles!!!

This is Will checkin' out the Hadley Gulch trail, which we determined was not in and ridable. Well it might be ridable, but not when you have 95 miles under your belt and unsure if it'll go or not. :)

This is one of the hiking sections of the ride, kinda steep huh!

This view is looking north east toward Heart Lake and was a great stopping point for some needed re-fueling

This is the view we've been riding for all day, it's more or less the cliffs in the large mural that Lightning Heart did on the side of the CMC building on the corner of Ninth and Grand. This valley is like no other when riding through it, large expanse views of one of the most beautiful places in Colorado!!!!! Wish we could've stayed longer!!!

This is at 6 am and it is where we are heading for the day. A large mural that Fred "Lightning Heart" Haberlin painted on the CMC building showing the storm clouds building in the afternoon, we had hoped at the time to not see those clouds but they came in anyway. nirad