Monday, May 18, 2009

4 Laps on Bear Creek/Forest Hollow Loop!

Well yesterday started a bit later than I had expected. Supposed to meet Mark and John on the Rio Grande Trail on the way to Red Canyon Rd. Mark Bauer text me at 7:06 am and said he was heading out, I got outta bed at 6:59, ugh, where's my coffee!! Aynway, after almost an hour of gettin' ready, I head out. Nice and crisp (39 degrees) when I first get on the trail and I'm thinkin' I should've worn more clothes, ah, just pedal and warm up. After climbing for 9-10 miles I was plenty warm, I hit the singletrack and man was it sweet, not a soul in sight. Finally after the sweet singletrack traversing along Glenwood Canyon for 5 or so miles I hit the Boy Scout downhill, and catch up to Mark and John. We chat a bit on how sweet it is this morn and I decide to do another lap. So feelin' pretty great I swing by my house and grab a bit more food and take off again. Every lap from then on the decision to ride another lap comes when I'm on this section of singletrack (above G'wood Canyon). It is soooooo much fun all I can think about is gettin' back to this section. Now it would've been way easier to just ride the trail forward and backwards over and over, but no, I do the loop over and over. After all was done my computer said (saddle time, not total time) i had ridden 7 hours and 56 minutes, 77 miles and an avg of 9.71 mph.
Lap 1: 1 hr 55 min.
Lap 2: 1 hr 57 min
Lap 3: 2 hrs
Lap 4: 2 hr 4 min
Anyway super fun day overall, saw a few different people each lap so that was cool and I got to ride my bike all day, YEEHAW!!!!!


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Slappy said...

They say the only thing seperating the big stomprz from the rest, is time on task.. HOt DOg NIrad sure got some nice time in .. m