Monday, April 27, 2009

Cottonwood Pass before work!!?!!

Well I had a wild hair the other night, after riding my xtracycle (with polo bike in tow) over to carbondale, played an hour and a half to two hours of polo (very addictive) then rode home. It was on the ride home where it was dark and warm, very quiet, and I decided that I needed to make up some more times to ride, so I decided to get my butt up at 4 am and leave the house by 4:30 to go ride Cottonwood Pass from my house and attempt the 64 mi. loop. Still unsure of the snowy conditions at the top I left my house at 4:32 am, not bad, thank goodness I had everything packed up the night before. Riding the first hour and a half by the light of my Niterider MiNewt I was just plugging along and just when there was a bit of light coming up I crossed paths with about twenty elk, super cool. This was a cool experience having to slow down as they were just meandering across the road as I approached. After another hour or so of riding I watched a couple of hawks diving in for some breakfast. Stopped at the top for a quick natural break and a shot of the snow bank on the side of the road, before descending for a while. The rest of the ride took me donw through Gypsum and back on Hwy 6 then into the Glenwood Canyon bike path for the super mellow cruise home, though I did decide to put my WTB saddle back on after the ride the Brooks B17 didn't treat me soo goo those last twenty or so miles. I really like a saddle with a cutout for my parts:)
Oh, I almost forgot, I did this all before I went to work for the day of working on bikes, and I gotta tell you that it's soooo much easier to work on bikes when you do not have any desire to ride 'em for the day. five hour ride before work, makes for a happy darin!!! niRad

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Slappy said...

yup leather seats sure look cool, 'cept yer junk can't see when you're sittin' on it! It helps though if a brookes is nose up so that you sit towards the back on the widest part.. m