Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Calling ALL stomPAZ!!!

The Gear Exchange needs your help. I know we are the fancy smancy shop like our good friend Hallencrack works in. and no we don't have all the sweet new carbon what-have-yous. What we do have is the best selection of cruisers and USED equipment from here to TIMbuckTOO!

The Gear Exchange is needing help from our fellow stompa friends to man our great shop. Darin and myself, Deveroe, will be traveling a fair amount this coming biking season to the Mountain States Cup races and we need fill in help. No we don't expect you to be a master wheel builder, or know how to rebuild a Shimano 333. All we need is a warm body and smiling face to help KENdoll and his fine young daughter Cody in the shop while us monkeys are out playing. Who knows, you may even learn something! (Education not guaranteed)

The shop is prepared to offer discounts on bikes, parts and services for your help. And you can always count on a sweet sweet colder than warm beer whenever your little heart desires. An occasional lunch is not unheard of either. SO, if this creates even the smallest spark in your little never not stomping heart, please do stop on by, and let's talk over a cold PBR. (We prefer to not answer our phone!)

MSC schedule <>

Rabbit Valley Rally April 17-19
Calk Creek Stampede May 1-3
Chili Challenge May 22-25
Wild Flower Rush June 19-21
UCI MTB Nationals July 16-19
Blast in the Mass August 7-9
Copper Cup August 21-23
Sol Survivor September 4-7
The Fall Classic September 11-13

And DON'T forget to be in Durango September 16-20 for SSWC D9
Blast in the Mass August 7-9

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