Monday, October 13, 2008

24 Hours of Moab!

Well the 2008 24 hours of Moab is complete and the Stompaz have come away with a third place medal in the single rigid open class. Congrats to Michael Hayes, Ya Rasmussen (dave), Haulen Crack (dave), and Carl Green (Darin Binion). It all started with a huge dust storm and upwards of 40-50 mph winds, in the end we dealt with a cold front that rolled through and tried to freeze us at night.Also with a camp setup like this we were truly in the VIP all weekend while everyone else was pounded with sand we hung out next to the rock and well we got our share of pounding too but it was out on course more. Riding in the 24 hours of Moab is truly an experience one will not forget anytime soon. nirad

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