Thursday, May 15, 2008

Slappy vs YaYa @ Carbondale Bike Week Skidding

Well last night was again super fun in Carbondale, CO if you missed it well I fell sorry for you. Not a single representative from either of the bike shops in bonedale, but five of us rode over from G'wood and tore it up, skidding, bike polo (greatest game ever!!?!!), pbr's, so sick and fun just can't believe more people didn't show - WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE!!! GET OUT HERE, TONIGHT IS BIKE POLO (no experience necessary) IF YOU KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BICYCLE, THEN YOU'RE IN, SEE YA THERE!!!

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Slappy said...

Amen brotha, truly a great and glorious thing, dis biiking all ze kids r talking about. Polo was devine, and Hot DAmn Devin is the Man , ridin' all the way up and gettin' right in there.. sweeeeeet. xoxox slappy