Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Holy purple Cannondale!!!

This purple piece of love came in today for consignment, God I love my job!!!

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Anonymous said...

yo man,

just scored one of these purple old 'dales for my girlfriend--100$!!!

pretty much great condition except for a broken rack nut in one of the rear mount holes and a broken brake cable guide on the top tube.

I overhauled it last night, dropped a 7 speed freewheel on it and changed out the middle 44t ring for a 38t so it is more suitable for regular road riding.

Anyway, writing cuz yours was the only site that had a picture of the bike other than the tiny one on the Craigslist ad and I was able to scope it out at work to see that it was a nice bike and a good deal before I went to buy it.

Keep up the good work, nice site!